Monday, January 8, 2007

The Muppet Musicians of Bremen - 1972

Another great item from my childhood is this 1972 soundtrack to the Muppet Musicians Of Bremen. I played this record until I wore the vinyl out, and I have not heard this album in over 25 years, until recently. I decided to archive them up and feature them here at The Flip Side to share this memory with those who also remember the classic tale about a donkey named Leroy, who underwent a vicious altercation with his master. During the night, our hero ventures out on his own with a wagon-load of stolen musical instruments. Wandering down the road leading to Bremen town, he meets up with a rooster named T.R., an old hound dog named Rover Joe, and a mangy feline named Catgut, all of which favored the idea of forming a band and heading to Bremen town where they hope their talents would be appreciated with edible rewards in return. Instead, they meet up with their estranged masters in an old swampland shack, where the story concludes with an unexpected ending.

Track listing:

01 - The Story Begins
02 - The Traveling Musician
03 - The Story Continues (Part 1)
04 - The Cock-A-Doodle Blues
05 - The Story Continues (Part 2)
06 - The Traveling Musicians (Part 1)
07 - The Story Continues (Part 3)
08 - The Traveling Musicians (Part 2)
09 - The Story Continues (Part 4)
10 - You Gotta Know Your Friends
11 - The Story Continues (Part 5)
12 - The Traveling Musicians (Part 3)
13 - The Story Continues (Part 6)
14 - A Family Together
15 - The Story Concludes
16 - Closing Theme

Download link: Megaupload


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