Saturday, December 23, 2006

Orpheus - 1967

One of the most unusually-named album artists I've come across while working in the record store was Orpheus on the MGM label. The group was named after a figure in Greek mythology: Orpheus, the chief representative of the arts of song and the lyre, and of great importance in the religious history of Greece. I found the cover intriguing enough to take home and give a listen. Among this album were three other Orpheus albums, which I will post later on. I expected the group to be a strange psychedelic group, but to my surprise, they recorded mostly sunshine-style music...kind of like a mix between a light bubblegum pop sound and 60s folk/harmony. Nevertheless, this album was played quite a few times on my turntable. After acquiring their albums, I have been unable to find other copies of them. From the MGM recording studio to you, I offer you the same experience I once had when I first heard this album.

Track listing:

01 - I've Never Seen Love Like This
02 - Lesley's World
03 - Congress Alley
04 - Music Machine
05 - Door Knob Song
06 - I'll Stay With You
07 - Can't Find The Time To Tell You
08 - Never In My Life
09 - The Dream

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