Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Orpheus - Ascending - 1968

Here's Orpheus's second album, which in my opinion is the best they've ever recorded. Breaking slightly to the left of Sunshine Pop and actually kicking it up a notch with some good ol' psychedelic sound, this album really shines above and beyond their brethren. Their version of Walk Away Renee is quite outstanding, however their vocals on She's Not There could have been a wee bit better, in my opinion, however the backing instruments are superb, which gives this song a great rating in my book.

Track listing:

01 - I'll Fly
02 - Just Got Back
03 - Mine's Yours
04 - Don't Be So Serious
05 - So Far Away In Love
06 - She's Not There
07 - Love Over Here
08 - Borneo
09 - Just A Little Bit
10 - Walk Away Renee
11 - Roses
12 - Magic Air

Download link: Megaupload

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