Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Wackers - Shredder - 1973

I found this cover quite interesting, and so I took a chance. Not a bad chance, says I.

Here we have some sort of rainbow-making machine, depicting the heads of the group members, feeding directly into a grinder which turns everything into flowers. Ooooohhhhhh-kay then. If this isn't a concept thought up by hippies, I really don't know what else is.

Track listing:

01 - Day & Night
02 - Hey, Lawdy Lawdy
03 - I'll Believe In You
04 - Put Myself To Sleep
05 - Eventually Even You And Me
06 - Coming Apart
07 - It's My Life
08 - Beach Song
09 - Buck Duckdog Memorial Jam (Our Ship's Comin' In-My Old Lady-You Really Got Me)
10 - Last Dance

Download link: Megaupload

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Hazy Dave said...

I thought their previous LP, Hot Wacks, was stronger (if shorter), but this has an appealing sound, too. A little too lightweight for "power pop" to be strictly accurate, but definitely poppy.